May. 30th, 2013

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My little girl is three! Wow, that went fast.

My niece (who turned 4 on Tuesday) and mother are visiting for the week, for what is essentially a weeklong birthday party for the two girls ("identical cousins", though they look a little less alike as they get older than they did last year). They arrived last night, and today was an adventure in limitations. The morning had present-opening and breakfast, where we discovered that Cousin Bean found omlettes too adventurous and didn't eat. (She didn't eat dinner last night, either). We only had one errand planned for the day, which was convenient since we don't have a car that fits all five of us (my car won't fit a third carseat between E and J). We took the bus to the party store, but had some trouble getting back because the girls were tired, thirsty (we totally forgot to bring water, despite everyone involved being typically in the habit of carrying reusable water bottles) and hot. (We *really* didn't take the weather change into account.) We *did* have both girls in the Tinkerbell costumes that were birthday gifts from Bean's mommy, complete with fairy wings (but without the kiddy high-heels, we insisted they wear real shoes) which got us a *lot* of big smiles around the city.

We ended up at Wendy's, after I carried E piggyback with J asleep in the wrap. Water and Frosties perked everyone up, and we managed to catch a bus home and get the girls into the little pool in the backyard. Meanwhile, I discovered that it's hard to get dinner ready and bake a cake with a newborn who is hungry and wants to be held *all the time*. Thank God for babywearing, or I have no idea how I would ever get anything done. In fact, I suspect at 6 weeks postpartum with E, I *didn't* get anything done. What a difference necessity makes, I suppose, and an easy birth.

Anyway, after several false starts at dinner, Mom made an awesome salad and the grownups had rice and veggie burgers and salad while E ate her requested "Girl Ravioli" (which come in star and car and rocketship and teddy bear shapes). Bean fell asleep while we were making dinner, and appears to be set to sleep right through the night, poor thing. I managed to make a cake from the Hershey's Recipe Collection cookbook (which I have had for ages but never used before) which turned out delicious:

After dinner, E got to watch Cinderella for the first time. Cinderella is her favorite princess, and we are *seriously* into princesses. Then there was cake, and singing and a candle, which are the Essential Birthday Things according to E. So it was a successful birthday, all the children are asleep, and I think I will go be too.


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